About Bruce Hood Photography

Bruce Hood and Son Hi and welcome to my photography website. I am a Sydney based photographer who has been shooting since around 2007. In 2011 I really started to get into landscape photography and have been obsessed with the genre every since.


I love the non linear journey of photography and the endless possibilities. I enjoy all forms of photography however lately all my work has been panoramic images largely in the 3:1 aspect ratio.


To me photography is about emotion, beauty, precision and intent.


I now produce all my images with the intention of eventually going to print. In most cases my images will reproduce at exceptional image quality up to 3 meters in length. All my images are available for license or as high quality prints.


If you have a question about my photography, would like a quote for a fine art print or an image license you can contact me via Email address info@brucehoodphotography.com or my facebook page.


My Gear

While photographic equipment is no substitute for creative vision, artistic intent and skill of one’s craft. It does bear mentioning that to achieve certain levels of quality and to realize artist intent you need the right tools for the job.


The specific photographic equipment that I use to create images, I believe, is the best possible equipment available in today’s market for my purpose's.


Bruce Hood with his panoramic setup

I also use a range of Lee filters and when back in front of the PC I use a range of editing programs including Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, NIK Software and for image stitching i use PTGUI Pro.

Nikon D810

Schneider 50mm PCTS

Novoflex VRII Pro

Novoflex Magic Balance

Sirui N2204x

My Awards

The 2014 Epson Pano Awards Results


Coming off the back of an extremely successful year in the 2013 Epson pano awards, winning multiple silver awards and placing in the to 10, I am extremely happy to be awarded a prestigious gold award in the 2014 competition.


The Epson Pano Awards


Another on of my images also feature in Australian Geographic’s galley for best panoramic images of 2014.


Australian Geographic



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